Hi!  I’m Kate and I’ve been in education since 1998, first working as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, then working in Young Offenders’ Institutes, before entering main-stream education in 2005.  I’m a secondary school teacher whose passion has always been to motivate and inspire the young people in my care, in the hope that they can achieve rewarding careers (and lives) when they leave school.

Where did we come from?

I started small, by linking under-achieving boys with adults who work in similar areas to their interests, or who share aspirations.  They became pen-pals, exchanging letters about their ambitions, interests and passions.  Many of these students are still in touch with these mentors, and have found fulfilment in jobs they didn’t even know existed – until they spoke to someone who did them.

Where are we going?

Now, with my friend and colleague Anna, we want to go BIG.  We want to show children that there are so many new and developing opportunities in the world of work.  This has been further fuelled by the OECD data which demonstrates how pupils at seven are already beginning to close down their horizons to just TEN common jobs (teaching, doctors, solicitors, business, etc.) rather than expanding their ideas to meet the ever-changing world of work.  By the time students are 15, these ideas are almost entirely fixed; this is even more prevalent among disadvantaged students.  We want this to change.  We want their horizons broadened.  We want children to have purpose, direction and enthusiasm – whether they’re 7 or 17.

How can you help?

We need people just like you to make a 90 second video exploring the best aspects of your job. If, like me, you worry about how you look or sound in a recording, please don’t. Your enthusiasm and experience are perfect to inspire children nationwide to pursue a dream job. Because you can’t be what you can’t see.

We are constantly striving to improve our content, our ideas and our engagement.  Please do get in touch with your comments and help us to develop, so we can help children to develop their futures.