Roots to grow and wings to fly.

Today my son started school; he ran energetically laughing towards his education and he didn’t look back. And as I took that slow walk back to my very VERY quiet house I thought more about this project. I felt compelled to put into words just a little bit about why I am doing this campaign and what it means to me. 

“Born into poverty”.

Last year I worked on a film about the lived experience of Poverty. During my research for the film someone from the charity I was working with said to me, ‘The fact is, if you are born into poverty, you will find it very difficult to get out of poverty’.

*Percentages of children leaving school at 18 without Level 2 attainment.

That sentence followed me around for months after the end of the production. It stayed with me through the build up to Christmas and I could not shake it off. I think being a mum of two children really compounded how unfair that seemed to me. I looked at my boys and thought how lucky they were to have been born into a world where opportunity and food is in abundance, and how often I take that for granted. 

At Christmas I was visiting family and sat down with Kate and told her what I had learnt. She wasn’t surprised; she works in secondary schools and she sees the effects of poverty seeping into every part of education for disadvantaged young people. “But it doesn’t stop there” she said to me. “Whether you are a working class boy, a girl, disabled, dyslexic, autistic, from an ethnic minority background, it’s all the same. By the time they get to me at secondary school, the stereotypes are embedded. There is often very little connection between education and employment in their minds. Their wings are clipped before they’ve taken their first flight”. 

What do we believe?

We believe that every child should feel open to the world of work.

#1001jobs is a campaign to raise awareness in children aged between 7 and 11 of the incredibly vast world of work that exists, and to collect 1001 different #jobselfievideos to create a catalogue of content that will reach children from all backgrounds, challenge stereotypes, broaden horizons and light a spark of enthusiasm for a future they may not even have known existed. Let’s level the playing field for ALL young people.

If you are an employer then get in touch and work with us to showcase some of your incredible roles, and your talented people!

If you are an individual challenging stereotypes in your role and you want to broaden children’s horizons, get in touch!

If you know people that would be brilliant at engaging young people about your industry or occupation, then share share share!